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Your Designer is Your Partner

If you don’t already, it’s time to really look at your designer as one of your most important strategic partners.

Communicating Through Change - Even When it Happens Every Day

Today, organizations and their management cadre face significant change on a more regular basis. Now the goal is to make sure that employees have some built-in resilience and the tools to deal with change on a regular basis. And, as always, the lines of communication need to be wide open.

Proactive Media Relations Gains Media Attention

Media need sources to do their work. By offering your company’s expertise and insight to comment and react to events that affect your sector, you build lasting relationships with reporters and editors. Once that relationship is developed, it is important to continue to contact them to maintain and build that relationship.

Reap the Value of Face-to-Face Communications

Meeting someone in person reveals important information that can only be achieved through face-to-face interaction. It allows you to pick up body language and gestures, and helps to confirm whether the person actually understands what you are saying. It gives you the opportunity to restate your message or reinforce key information and ideas, all of which helps you effectively communicate with them. It also provides an opportunity to show that you are listening.

Planning for Success

Elite athletes are not the only ones who understand the importance and benefit of planning. Successful organizations, whether they are public, private or not-for-profit, recognize the value of having a strategic communications plan to help them meet their business goals.

The Pitch Gets Harder

"Canadian businesses and organizations have hit the pause button and are considering what all this means for their own media relations goals and activities. They are shifting from a focus on traditional media to communicating via new social media channels, blogs, content marketing, crowd-funded news outlets and influencer marketing."

The Value of Information: a Barometer for Change

"Understanding how your communications efforts resonate inside and outside your organization is invaluable and can help teams improve the effectiveness of their activities."

Snapchat Blackface - Sticking to your Message

"Last week’s uproar over the launch of Snapchat’s Bob Marley filter called ‘blackface’ on April 20, a day associated with a counterculture celebration of marijuana, proved to be good example of how important it is for organizations to stay on message even when the subject matter is controversial."