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Delivering all of your communications needs

Strategic Communications
At the Hillbrooke Group, we work with you to establish objectives, identify target audiences, develop clear messages, implement best practices and deliver comprehensive communications strategies that produce impactful results. We use methods from the traditional school of communications complemented by new media tools to deliver positive outcomes. We have an established track record with offering sound and practical advice, and providing crisis communications support and reputation management services.

Crisis Communications
Responding quickly, accurately and effectively in the event of a crisis is critical to safeguarding an organization’s brand and reputation. It is particularly important in today’s environment since news can go viral instantly, via social media channels and news sites. We work closely with our clients to help them anticipate crisis scenarios, craft the appropriate strategy, establish internal protocols and implement the activities, tools and channels required to manage a crisis.

Media Relations
We have developed longstanding relationships with Canada’s print, broadcast and online media while continually building and expanding our influence in the social media arena. We understand how to frame your issue and how to effectively tell your story at the national, regional and local levels. We know how to connect with journalists, producers and editors and our proactive on-target campaigns always produce results.

Stakeholder Consultations and Outreach
Today’s communications require careful attention to building and maintaining relationships with partners, stakeholders and communities. We will help you to identify, engage and leverage your networks to ensure your mandate is understood, your role is clear and your message is heard. Our expertise ranges from participant selection to concept design, facilitation and analysis.

Employee and Change Communications
In our fast-paced world, organizational change is a constant. Business, governments and organizations all have to cope with the change introduced by technological advances, new productivity and service delivery targets, and financial realities. Successfully introducing and facilitating change requires effective communication. The Hillbrooke Group works shoulder to shoulder with senior leaders to ensure that transitions are smooth, employees and stakeholders are engaged and informed, and communication is well-planned and implemented.

Project Management
We believe the impact of your communications depends on good planning, meeting deadlines and effective co-ordination of activities. Our team has successfully managed countless communications projects and our experience translates to results that are consistently on time, on budget and on the mark.

International Capacity Building
Hillbrooke Group associates have provided counsel and support to a wide range of domestic and multilateral agencies and institutions devoted to international development and capacity building. These include:

  • Providing strategic communications support to the Government of Ukraine via a Canadian partner organization to advance two major public sector capacity building projects: the launch of a Free Legal Aid System and civil service modernization.

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